Whether you are completely NEW to boxing, or you have some experience under your belt, as soon as you enter the BEATBOX space we consider you are part of our TRIBE, and we promise we are here for you – We got your back!

We understand how intimidating trying a new workout can be, that’s why our class mantra is


We HIGHLY recommend:

  • Get a GOOD SLEEP the night before you plan to ROCK with us at BEATBOX!
  • Hydration is SUPER IMPORTANT! Remember to drink sufficient water 24 hours prior to your workout.
  • Bring a water bottle with you to your session or you can purchase one at The Ring Bar before the start of class.
  • Don’t forget your workout kit and kicks. Feel free to embrace your flava and rock your style, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable or shop BEATBOX gear here.
    • We CELEBRATE wearing what you want to wear and baring what you want to bare but for safety - NO BARE FEET!
  • Arrive early for your first class. 20 minutes before class begins is ideal. First-time CHAMPS arriving with 10 minutes or less before class start, may not have enough time to properly prepare for the workout
  • Glove rental is FREE for the FIRST TIME*
    • Our crew works hard to ensure they are fresh and sanitized for you. However, feel free to bring your own gloves if you have them!
    • You can also purchase a BRAND-NEW set for yourself from The BEATBOX SHOP.
    • Our BEATBOX gloves are premium, custom-made leather gloves, and rival the quality of premium boxing gloves on the market. *please note there is a $5 rental fee for any subsequent use of our BEATBOX rental gloves
  • WRAP before you ROCK! Hand wraps are a MUST for any BEATBOX class.
    • Wraps are to secure your hands before you put boxing gloves on.
    • We ask that you do not wear the quick wraps, that just slide on your hands and look like training gloves; these will not give you the same protection as traditional boxing hand wraps.
    • Our BEATBOX custom designed, boxing standard quality fabric hand wraps are a one-time purchase of $18. You can wash and re-use these for a super long time!
  • Watch the BEATBOX “How to Wrap Your Hands” tutorial here.
    • Our Coaches and Crew are also available to help wrap your hands. Wrapping hands takes less than 2 minutes when you’re experienced but can a few minutes more when you are just learning.
  • Bring a lock and a towel if you need to get fresh and clean after the class.
    • Within The Ring, there are clean and spacious facilities for you to shower, store your belongings and use the bathrooms at your convenience.
    • There is a small charge if you need to rent a lock or a towel but if you bring your own it’s FREE!



  • The most important part of any NEW workout is just allowing yourself to enjoy it!
  • Listen to your body and be kind to yourself.
  • Give yourself time to learn, adapt and improve.
  • This your journey, your workout – You deserve to feel good, and move with JOY!


New to BEATBOX but have some boxing experience under your belt? We guarantee that you will find the classes physically challenging and engaging while working out at the right level for your fitness and abilities.